copper season 2 kyle schmid donal logue 'Copper' Season 2 premiere recap: Donal Logue debuts and Maguire's fate revealedBig changes are in the air in the Season 2 premiere of BBC America’s “Copper.”

It’s 1865 and Lincoln’s assassination is just around the corner, but the biggest development in Five Points is the return of General Brendan Donovan (Donal Logue), who heads home from the battlefield to restore order in New York’s Sixth Ward.

Series co-creator Tom Fontana has described Donovan as a “Boss Tweed like character,” but he remains primarily an intriguing mystery in the season premiere. Still, the arrival of Logue — who has been building up a steady resume of serialized cable dramas including “Terriers,” “Vikings” and “Sons of Anarchy” — is easily one of the Season 2 bright spots so far.

copper noah danby franke potente ear biting 'Copper' Season 2 premiere recap: Donal Logue debuts and Maguire's fate revealedThe premiere spends a lot of time on psycho criminal Buzzie Burke (guest star Noah Danby), who carves his initials into Eva (Franka Potente) before she bites off a chunk of his ear. Corky (Tom Weston-Jones) tracks Burke down and the bad guy gets thrown in a cell with Corky’s former partner Maguire (Kevin Ryan), who promptly finishes him off. Turns out the whole incident wasn’t such a bad thing for Eva, who gets to merge Buzzie’s abandoned prostitution business with her own.

That leads up to the episode’s climax, when Corky goes to court to see Maguire put on trial for the murders he committed last season to cover up his affair with Corky’s wife Ellen (Alex Paxton-Beesley). Except all the evidence has gone missing and the judge has no choice but to let Maguire free. Surely that means the former friends will go toe-to-toe sometime soon.

Other developments:

– Dr. Freeman (Ato Essandoh) gets an offer to take over his mentor’s medical practice in the city, but that means moving Sara (Tessa Thompson) to the place she fears most ever since witnessing her brothers’ lynching.

copper kyle schmid anastasia griffith sex scene 'Copper' Season 2 premiere recap: Donal Logue debuts and Maguire's fate revealed– Robert Morehouse (Kyle Schmid) and Elizabeth Haverford (Anastasia Griffith) are getting married, and she’s desperately trying to keep her secret support of the Confederacy under wraps. She also calls on Sara to help with wedding preparations.

– Corky is back together with Ellen, and no longer involved with Eva. But their marriage isn’t exactly stable. Complicating matters even further, they’ve also taken in Annie (Kiara Glasco).

What do you think “Copper” fans? Was this a solid start to the new season, or do you have worries about what’s ahead?

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