corey feldman jacket tmz 1 Corey Feldman gets stolen jacket from 'Dream a Little Dream' backAfter being estranged for two years, actor Corey Feldman has finally been reunited with his beloved jacket. This is no ordinary jacket, though. It’s actually the one he wore in “Dream a Little Dream,” the third movie he starred in with Corey Haim.

Corey says someone stole the jacket in 2011, while he was at the Los Angeles House of Blues. TMZ reports that the jacket was found two years later at a Boston flea market. Once the guy who bought it figured out what it was, he reached out to Feldman to return jacket.
Not without a couple strings attached, naturally. In exchange for the jacket, Feldman flew the guy out to Los Angeles, put him up in a nice Hollywood hotel, hired him a 6′ female bodyguard for protection and introduced him on stage during a concert.
That’s a strange list of conditions, but who wouldn’t want a 6′ female body guard? A portion of the proceeds from Feldman’s concert were also donated to a charity of the guy’s choice, which happened to be One Fund Boston. The group benefits victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.
Before that weekend got underway, Feldman appeared at a Limp Bizkit concert, for some reason, dressed as Michael Jackson and performing “Billie Jean.” So enjoy that video below:

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