cougar town big kimo 'Cougar Town': Abed, Big Kimo and other things to love about the season finale“Cougar Town” will have a longer-than-usual break between seasons 2 and 3, thanks to ABC moving the show to Tuesdays and opting to start it after “Dancing With the Stars” concludes in the fall.

So we’re thankful that the show’s hour-long season finale, most of which was filmed in Hawaii, left us with so much good stuff to re-watch and talk about for the next six months or so. There were a couple of decent-sized story developments — Jules and Grayson acknowledging, if not yet fully working out, their clashing feelings about having kids together and Laurie helping convince Travis to come home by exploiting his crush on her — but it was also really, really funny in some unexpected ways. A few thoughts on what made “Something Good Coming” so good:

Closing the “Community” loop: Busy Philipps and Dan Byrd appeared in the background of the “Community” season finale, and “Cougar Town” returned the favor Wednesday (May 25) by having Danny Pudi in the background early in the episode. Even better, though, was the fact that Pudi’s appearance came reasonably close to matching Abed’s description of his character’s walk-on role from the “Critical Film Studies” episode (watch it here; his “Cougar Town” story starts at the 4:15 mark). We are glad, though, that “Cougar Town” chose not to show Abed/Chad soiling himself on camera.

Laurie and Travis: Their scenes together were, as usual, fantastic — even though we’re still not sure how we feel about a potential Travis-Laurie relationship, which co-creator Bill Lawrence has talked enough about to make us think it will happen sometime next season. It’s not just the age difference between the characters, either, but something that Laurie alluded to in the finale: She knows Travis has a crush on her, and while she clearly cares about him, it’s always felt like she does in a big sister-little brother way. We like the thought of Jules freaking out over Laurie dating her son, but Laurie coming around to seeing Travis the way he sees her is a tougher sell.

The big stuff: In between Bobby and Andy making up secret knock languages and Grayson composing a morning-routine song, “Something Good Coming” also made room for several more grounded emotional stories. We didn’t need a resolution to Jules and Grayson’s baby conflict here (although Lawrence has said one rarely seen baby is enough), but the fact that they agreed to have a real talk about what they want is enough for now.

That needed to happen, and we’re glad it did. More surprisingly, though, was the deeper stuff from Bobby, who’s finally getting his life together and realizing that his first real vacation as a grownup isn’t all that fun when he’s by himself. Yes, he has Andy, but if the finale is laying groundwork for Bobby having a relationship of his own next year, we’re in.

The little stuff: “The Chicago way” and Laurie’s not-very-good Connery impression, Jules’ ignorance of that reference, Bobby’s inability to understand time zones, the running ’80s-movie sunglasses gag, Big Kimo, Seinfeld Guy (that was co-creator Kevin Biegel, by the way): All of it was very “Cougar Town,” and all of it was very funny.

The Ted stuff: The show was probably smart not to have Ted “the Buck” Buckland interact with Ellie, lest the “Scrubs”-“Cougar Town” worlds collapse on one another. But Sam Lloyd‘s sad happy songs and explanation for why he’s in Hawaii — the Gooch left him for Hooch, and Hooch is crazy — made all the meta-ness worthwhile.

What did you think of “Cougar Town’s” finale?

Posted by:Rick Porter