cougar town hawaii 320 'Cougar Town': Dan Byrd explains why the finale's in HawaiiWe’ve seen the downward spiral of Travis (Dan Byrd) on “Cougar Town” over the past few weeks, culminating in him taking up residence on his dad’s boat at the end of last week’s episode.

Yes, he got crushed when Kirsten turned down his proposal, and yes, he’s effectively dropped out of college. But it’s not all bad — at least he gets a trip to Hawaii out of it. The show’s hour-long season finale on Wednesday (May 25) was filmed on location on the north shore of Oahu.

“Part of [Travis’] healing process is running away to Hawaii,” Byrd tells Zap2it, “which allows the rest of the gang to go after him.”

His character’s current mopey state hasn’t let Byrd participate in the show’s comedy as much of late, but he enjoyed the change of pace for Travis.

“It’s been a really cool character arc for me, and there’s been emotion involved, which is fun just because it’s different from what you usually get to do on a half-hour sitcom,” he says. “I was really happy and flattered that they made Travis such an integral part of how they wrap up the season.”

The finale will also feature lots of pretty shots of Hawaii and a guest appearance by Sam Lloyd, reprising his “Scrubs” character Ted Buckland. Co-creator Bill Lawrence acknowledges that putting a “Scrubs” character in “Cougar Town’s” world — especially considering the fact that “CT” stars Courteney Cox and Christa Miller also appeared on “Scrubs” — “might make some people’s brains explode a little bit. But Sam Lloyd is too funny not to have on the show.”

What the finale won’t feature, to the possible chagrin of some fans, is a Travis-Laurie (Busy Philipps) hookup. Travis and Laurie share several scenes in the episode, but Byrd is grateful they don’t make the leap.

“We’re really good friends off set, and it’s nice that that’s able to translate on screen,” he says. “It doesn’t happen this season, and I’m glad it doesn’t. Maybe it will happen next season — I think it’s territory they eventually want to explore, and they’ve obviously been sort of flirting with that idea. …

“I can see how they can pump some story lines out of [a Travis-Laurie relationship],” Byrd adds, “but I hope we hold off for as long as possible. Especially because that would be like kissing my sister, which I know neither of us would be looking forward to.”

The hour-long season finale of “Cougar Town” airs at 9:30 p.m. ET Wednesday on ABC.

Posted by:Rick Porter