cougar town penny can2 'Cougar Town': Did you call 1 855 PENNYCAN yet?If you watched “Cougar Town” Monday night, you heard Laurie (Busy Philipps) give out a number to call for Bobby’s fledgling Penny Can business: 1-855-PENNYCAN.

As we told you last week, that’s an actual working number. If you call, there’s a very good chance you’ll get connected to Philipps, another member of the show’s cast or one of its creators, Kevin Biegel and Bill Lawrence.

“We’re all fighting over it,” Lawrence tells Zap2it, “it” being the phone with the Penny Can number (you might also hear Bobby — Brian Van Holt — giving instructions on how to order your very own Penny Can can). Courteney Cox was due to have it Monday evening (April 18) and was planning to take calls during the taping of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” where she’s a guest.

Christa [Miller, Lawrence’s wife] and I will go after that,” Lawrence tells Zap2it. “Some people are going to have it through the night, for the hell of it — some of the younger people. But people will be answering it, I imagine constantly, for the next month or so.”

And should that person be Lawrence himself, you just might be able to get yourself a free Penny Can game. “I got a whole bunch of paint cans and made Penny Cans, and I’m just going to give them away” while his supply lasts. “Disney immediately on hearing me say that was like ‘No, we’re going to make and sell them’ … but I’m going to give them away anyway. … What are the lawyers going to do — stop me from sending paint cans?”

We hope not. We called a little while ago, but the mailbox of Bobby Cobb was already full. There’s always tomorrow.

Posted by:Rick Porter