brian van holt ian gomez 'Cougar Town': Ian Gomez, Brian Van Holt talk name change    'Courteney Who?'“Cougar Town” creator Bill Lawrence recently said they are considering a name change, so that the title of the show will reflect that it’s really about the extended-family ensemble and not actual middle-aged women on the prowl.

Zap2it caught up with “Cougar Town” stars Ian Gomez (Andy) and Brian Van Holt (Bobby) on Saturday, May 16 to get their thoughts on the possible renaming. “We just actually found out today,” Van Holt laughs. “And we don’t know what it’s gonna be,” adds Gomez.

But we had to press them for their input and of course they had us in stitches:

Brian Van Holt: “What about Bobby?”
Ian Gomez: “Courteney Who?”
Brian Van Holt: “Friends 2.”
Ian Gomez: “Andy’s New Underwear.”

We couldn’t help but ask what they thought of some of Zap2it’s suggestions — “Exes and Ohs,” “Cobb Mentality” and “The One With the Real Estate Agent.”

Brian Van Holt: “The One With the Real Estate Agent?”
Ian Gomez: That’s a “Friends” thing. “Friends” always did episodes like “The One Where Monica Loses an Eye” or whatever. Maybe that was “Brady Bunch.”
Brian Van Holt: I like “Cougar Town,” I think we should keep “Cougar Town.”

But what about the fact that the show’s focus has moved away from actual cougars to more of a family ensemble?

“Look at ‘Lost.’ They’re not really lost anymore, we know where they are,” Gomez points out. “I’m lost,” Van Holt deadpans. “We could change ours to ‘Lost People,'” Gomez suggests. “‘Lost in Florida.'” we offer.  “‘Stuck in the Everglades.'” Gomez decides.

Finally, we had to ask Brian and Ian if the money really was in the red balloon at the end of the last episode. Brian teases, “Second season, you gotta tune in. Stay tuned to find out if the money was in the balloon. That’s the cliffhanger.”

“Cougar Town” airs Wednesday nights at 9:30 p.m. ET on ABC.

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