courteney-cox-cougartown-320.jpg“Cougar Town” returns Wednesday night (Feb. 3) with a new episode during which a hot tennis instructor will apparently come between Jules and Ellie.

So many dudes, so little time.

Over the last two half-hours, we’ve watched Jules send both Jeff (Scott Foley) and ex-husband Bobby (Brian Van Holt) packing.

She also had her way with a couple baby boys early on (David Rogers, Nick Zano)… am I missing anybody?


But the point is, the girl’s got options. And we haven’t even gotten to Grayson yet.

Grayson, who’s her “someday guy,” but who seems to be banging her best friend these days, so… yeah.

And yet still, I get the idea that many of you feel Jules belongs with the “G” man.

Am I right?

Shall we poll it up?

Feel free to add your commentary below if you are so inclined…

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Posted by:Korbi Ghosh