busy phillips dan byrd cougar town 'Cougar Town' Season 5 finale: A Season 6 pregnancy, if renewal is in the cardsWe were already hoping “Cougar Town” would be renewed for Season 6, but now we absolutely demand it.

In the Season 5 finale, during a hair-brained scheme to pretend to be bigwig clients of Andy’s, Travis and Laurie hit a rough patch when they realize that they want different things — Travis wants to be a photographer in New York while Laurie wants to “raise their five kids” in the country.

Turns out she’s quite prophetic, since Jules finds out that Laurie is pregnant when Jules uses Laurie’s urine for her yearly physical (after Ellie slipped Jules some “happy pills” the night before and therefore her urine would be tainted).

After Travis and Jules make up, the gang reveals to them that Laurie is pregnant and it is wonderful. Even Tom gets to be there to help celebrate — and it turns out he’s a millionaire, so Andy has found himself a job-saving client.

What a beautiful way to wrap up Season 5. But dang it, we need a Season 6! Renew “Cougar Town,” TBS!

Best Lines:

Tom: “Nothing beats hanging around here with all of you.”

Travis: “I’ve realized that being a photographer isn’t my dream. You are.
And it doesn’t really matter how many great things happen to me — if
you’re not at the center of it, it’s not gonna mean anything. I love
you, Laurie.”

Andy: “You’re a millionaire?”
Tom: “Well, I am a brain surgeon and my largest personal expense is doll clothes, so.”

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