Bill Lawrence on WhoSay

We should warn you that a couple of significant story points about Season 3 of “Cougar Town” get spoiled into oblivion in the video above.

But considering the video — a 10-minute compilation of funny bits from the coming season — comes from one of the show’s co-creators, Bill Lawrence, we’re guessing that’s not a problem. Skip over the next paragraph if you really, really don’t want to know.

Lawrence posted the clip reel to his WhoSay page as part of his and co-creator Kevin Biegel’s guerrilla marketing on behalf of Season 3, which premieres Feb. 14. The biggest reveal (albeit one already kind of spoiled by ABC’s promo people) is Grayson’s (Josh Hopkins) proposal to Jules (Courteney Cox), and there are allusions to another story about Grayson having fathered a child with another woman.

More important for Lawrence, though, is re-acquainting fans with the vibe of the show and its collection of charming goofballs, and, he hopes, getting those people to show a few others what “Cougar Town” is about — which is to say, nothing at all what its albatross of a title might imply.

Plus, it opens with a Jules-specific version of the Morning Routine Song and features a “Road House” reference, Travis (Dan Byrd) in a step show and lots of other funny stuff. Hit play and enjoy; “Cougar Town” returns at 8:30 p.m. ET on Valentine’s Day.

Posted by:Rick Porter