tv collaborations 320 Could HBO's 'Luck' extend to other TV collaborations?HBO has picked up a series called “Luck” for next year, and the list of names involved kind of blows us away.

The series about the world of horse racing stars Dustin Hoffman, Nick Nolte and Dennis Farina, among others. (Hoffman and Nolte are doing their first TV work in ages.) But what really has us curious about “Luck” — and has from the time the show’s pilot was greenlit — is the people behind the camera.

“Luck” was written by David Milch, the man behind “Deadwood” and a driving force in the early years of “NYPD Blue” (he’s also written for “Hill Street Blues” and many other shows and created “John From Cincinnati”). The pilot was directed by Michael Mann of “Heat,” “Collateral” and “Miami Vice.”

Now, both Milch and Mann are both noted for liking things just so, so who knows if their collaboration will last for however long the show does — or, for that matter, how hands-on Mann will be once the show begins filming in the fall. But their teaming got us thinking about a few other combinations we’d like to see in television. We submit:

David Chase and Martin Scorsese: “Sopranos” creator Chase is, as far as we know, still working on a miniseries for HBO about the early days of Hollywood. Scorsese is working with a former “Sopranos” writer, Terence Winter, on HBO’s new show “Boardwalk Empire.” And given Scorsese’s encyclopedic knowledge of and love for film history, we think this would be a natural. And perhaps they could convince James Gandolfini to play a studio head.

Greg Daniels/Mike Schur and Christopher Guest: Without Guest’s movies (“Waiting for Guffman,” “Best in Show” et al), there might not have been “The Office” — which means that “Office” guys Daniels and Schur might not have gotten the chance to create “Parks and Recreation.” The show’s heartland setting and earnest lead character (Amy Poehler) feel a little bit Guest-ian anyway, so why not bring him in as a director and his frequent collaborator Parker Posey as a guest star? The Pawnee parks crew is always complaining about the library department, and Posey would make a great librarian/nemesis.

Matthew Weiner and Todd Haynes: The creator of “Mad Men” and the director of “Far from Heaven” and “I’m Not There.” Don and Betty Draper (and, you know, mabye Haynes’ “Far from Heaven” star Julianne Moore). Go.

Shawn Ryan and William Friedkin: Ryan’s new FOX series “Ride-Along” is filming on location in Chicago and will spend a lot of time in the city’s streets. Friedkin — who’s directed a couple of “CSI” episodes in recent years — has directed some great crime films in the past, “The French Connection” foremost among them. We’d love to see what they could come up with on “Ride-Along.”

Josh Schwartz and Greg Mottola: Mottola directed episodes of “Arrested Development,” “Undeclared” and “The Comeback” before moving on to helm “Superbad” and “Adventureland.” Something about his sensibility makes us think that he and Schwartz would get along just swimmingly on an episode of “Chuck.”

Any writer-director combos you’d like to see on TV?

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