shayne lames nik ritchie couples therapy reunion 'Couples Therapy' Reunion part 1's biggest OMG momentsPart one of the first ever “VH1 Couples Therapy with Dr. Jenn Reunion” really brought the drama. With a mixture of controversial couples from all of the first four seasons, there was no way to tell when it began, just who would be allies and who would be enemies.

Additionally, viewers walked away from the first installment knowing the progress, or lack there of, several of the couples had made since filming wrapped on their seasons. There to give their progress reports were “Teen Mom” sweethearts, Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra, Doug Hutchison & Courtney
Stodden, Joel ‘JoJo’ and Tashaunda ‘Tiny’ Hailey, Shayne & Nik
Lamas-Richie and Farrah Abraham.

Here are the biggest draw dropping moments of the night:

1. Nik’s tear-jerking description of Shayne’s near death experience, where she lost their unborn child. The moment Nik talked about holding his son’s body and speaking to him for two hours was earth-shattering.

2. Did you want to reach out and hug Shayne through the TV when she revealed the day of the reunion taping was supposed to be their son’s birthday?

3. Doug accusing JoJo of being drunk at the taping, due to his slurring and wearing black sunglasses indoors.

4. Catelyn offering advice to Tiny on dealing with alcoholics and sharing what she’s learned from her experience with her addicted mother.

jojo tiny couples therapy reunion vh1 'Couples Therapy' Reunion part 1's biggest OMG moments5. JoJo calling out Dr. Jenn on her incorrect prediction he only had two years to live.

6. JoJo describes himself as a casual drinker.

7. Courtney admitting to cheating on Doug practically right in front of his face on “Big Brother” in the U.K.

doug courtney stodden couples therapy reunion 'Couples Therapy' Reunion part 1's biggest OMG moments8. Shayne admitting she was concerned for Doug.

9. Shayne, Nik, Tiny and JoJo getting their “I told you so” moment, since they had predicted Courtney would get the urge to spread her wings due to her being so young when she married Doug (She,17, He, 51!)

10. Farrah (who technically was never part of a couple on the show) jumps into the conversation, putting everyone on the attack.

11. Catelyn refers to Courtney spending the rest of her life with Doug and Courtney corrects her with a cheeky, “His life.” Since she expects to out live her much older husband.

12. Doug tells Dr. Jenn she needs to get control over the reunion. Oh no he didn’t!

13. The preview for part 2, showing Doug still being referred to as a child molester and a pervert and Farrah being called out by Tyler for her porn star ways.

What was your favorite part of the “Couples Therapy” reunion’s first installment?

Posted by:Sarah Huggins