Annie’s (Piper Perabo) newest assignment on “Covert Affairs” hits a little close to home for her.

In Tuesday’s (June 21) episode, “Bang and Blame,” Joan (Kari Matchett) asks Annie to return to “the Farm” — the CIA’s training facility — to help gather evidence on an instructor who Joan believes divulged the identity of a trainee — a trainee who, like Annie, is an expert linguist. Since Annie never finished her gun training before going to work for the agency full-time, she even has a legitimate reason to be there.

The assignment does, however, come with a catch, as Joan explains in the clip above: “If you’re burned, that’s it. You’re done with the CIA.”

Annie’s cover also apparently involves pretending not to know Auggie (Christopher Gorham) — at least until they fake a one-night stand, leading to this:

covert bang and blame 'Covert Affairs': Annie goes back to schoolSince “Bang and Blame” is only the third episode of the season, we’re guessing Annie will probably make it through the mission without being found out. But we like the idea of her having to go back through some of her training — and if it also means she can carry a gun in future episodes, then that works too.

“Covert Affairs” airs at 10 p.m. ET Tuesday on USA.

Posted by:Rick Porter