covert affairs christopher gorham ep107 320 'Covert Affairs': Auggie's walk of shame augurs wellWe’ve always been fans of Christopher Gorham since his “Jake 2.0,” “Ugly Betty” and yes, even “Harper’s Island” days, but “Covert Affairs” might be his best work yet.

With Tuesday’s (Aug. 18) episode “Houses of the Holy,” we’re getting more and more drawn into the character that is Auggie Anderson, who steals the show from the admittedly charismatic Annie Walker (Piper Perabo).

What’s intriguing is that his blindness, which was sustained while in Iraq, isn’t the issue. That is, it’s not his lack of sight that makes him interesting (although it leads to good lines), rather the other things that he’s given up: working in the field, the camaraderie of his old unit and yes, even a woman.

It’s heartbreaking yet heartwarming to see Auggie interact with his old chums, if only through technology, but it’s his relationship with women that’s got us eager to see next week’s episode.

From the beginning, Auggie has been painted as quite a ladies man. Not only is he physically attractive, but something about his blindness puts women at ease. They assume he won’t be superficial like other sighted men, but oddly enough, his ability to read people’s voices lets him identify the attractive ladies.

He’s never without a willing woman to talk to (or more), and in the most recent episode, Annie catches him in a walk of shame, wearing the same clothes as the day before. It’s funny, but at the same time, curious that this behavior has been so played up on the show. We like it and want to know more.

So, what’s behind all this tomcatting? Is it only that he’s a young, virile man who’s irresistible to women? Or is there something deeper?

In the promo for next week’s (Aug. 24) episode, “Communication Breakdown,” we see the softer side of Auggie. He’s let go of the one woman he loved … because he loved her. So is this why he’s constantly drowning himself in women, so he can forget her?

We can’t wait to watch next week, and not only because Gorham shows off some very toned abs (although that’s part of it).

Update: We’ve got the promo!

What did you think of the most recent episode? Are you Auggie fans as well?

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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen