chris gorham covert affairs bare 320 'Covert Affairs': Guess what our favorite scene was?We’re not going to say that “Covert Affairs” just got good, but Tuesday night’s (Aug. 24) episode felt like it was a game changer.

In the episode “Communication Breakdown,” Auggie (Christopher Gorham) reconnects with his ex, a beautiful and free-thinking hacker named Natasha Petrovna (Liane Balaban), whose cyber attack on Washington has brought her to the attention of the CIA, and thus, Auggie.

Spoilers! Believe us, it’s worth it to actually watch this episode. Go no further if you haven’t.

That the episode did well to showcase Auggie in all his glory is no question. Yes, we saw the hard-won abs, sculpted arms and intriguing back tattoo (must freeze frame!). Yes, we get not just one, but two shirtless scenes (and two scantily clad ladies. Auggie, you dog!).

And we don’t really argue with tweets that emphasize Gorham’s latent hotness. And there are many, many tweets.

What we’re frustrated about, however, is that all this showy sex appeal has overshadowed what is an excellent episode — not only in how well it opened a window into Auggie’s life, but also showcasing Gorham’s measured leading man capabilities.

What have we learned?

  • Auggie still has Henry Grubstick leanings – Save us from having a soft spot for lovable nerds, but Auggie’s excitement over getting to attend DataTech and then whipping out his 1-Up mushroom shirt made our hearts flutter.
  • Auggie is a very romantic nerd – His meet-cute with Natasha in the laundromat is standard fare, but his falling in love with her was a foregone conclusion because she was reading “Snow Crash” by Neal Stephenson. It’s probably one of the most well-known and respected sci fi novels of the 1990s and beyond. We’re dusting off our copy and heading out with our whites and roll of quarters right now.
  • covert affairs liane balaban christopher gorham 320 'Covert Affairs': Guess what our favorite scene was?Auggie is loyal to his job – Annie, when you think about the few sacrifices you’re beginning to make for the CIA, you should think about Auggie. He’s lost his sight and his love. Yes, it’s been his decision to stay when he could have left and had it all, but there’s a sense of honor, purpose and duty he has to his job and his country. These probably wouldn’t be our decisions, but then again, we’re not in the CIA.
  • Auggie isn’t just a womanizing robot – Despite choosing his job over love, he is far from unfeeling. In fact, his affair with Liza Hearne (Emmanuelle Vaugier) may be calculated, but it’s also tragic.

So that brings us to our favorite scene of the night. It’s not any of the bare chested parades, the fight sequence or even that smoldering kiss (although that was good).

It’s the final scene where Auggie returns home and hears a lady approach him from behind. We see that it’s Liza, who embraces him. The camera zooms in — effectively cutting her out of the shot, but also showing Auggie’s subtle resignation and disappointment. It’s like we can see him erect that mental and emotional wall to keep the memories he just made with Natasha apart from what his reality is, the job he must do. Heartbreaking.

So was this episode as good for you as it was for us?

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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen