christopher-gorham-covert-affairs-thumb.JPGIt’s not like this snuck up on us.

Chris Gorham, a TV mainstay since his days on “Popular” and “Jake 2.0,” has never really been the geek he’s always cast as. But for over a decade he’s been relegated to the male equivalent of Rachael Leigh Cook in “She’s All That,” shoddily disguising his blatant sex appeal with glasses and conservative button-ups.

No more! With “Covert Affairs,” Chris Gorham is finally getting showcased for the handsome, handsome thing he is. And in the upcoming August 24 episode, “Communication Breakdown,” you’ll get to see him in all his glory — or at least as much as basic cable can allow.

We present a before and after:

chris gorham covert affairs 'Covert Affairs' is Chris Gorham's hottie coming out partyWhat you see to your left is the old, dweeby Gorham (considerable biceps still exposed, mind you) in 2000’s “The Other Side of Heaven.” And on the right: Naked, blind Gorham on the “Covert Affairs” episode in question, with what seems to be a woman’s hand pulling on that meddlesome belt buckle. (And from the looks of the other shot below, we think she gets her way.)

Let us just hope that USA leads by example. Gorham’s a male lead to be reckoned with, and we can’t bear to see him with one more comb over or tie clip.

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credits: USA, 3Mark Entertainment

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell