Things are getting tough for Annie on “Covert Affairs.” After all, the death of Henry Wilcox’s mole has been discovered and the race is on to make sure that the show’s hero doesn’t go to jail for murder.

That could be tricky, now that the FBI is investigating Seth Newman’s death. These five clues about “Space (I Believe In”) show just how tricky everything is.

Warning: Minor “Covert Affairs” spoilers lie ahead. Proceed with caution.

In the episode, Annie (Piper Perabo) has to infiltrate the FBI investigation herself if she wants to keep the truth hidden. Her efforts might be somewhat complicated, however, when Henry (Gregory Itzin) offers Annie the opportunity of a lifetime. The result of all of this is tension — lots of racing-against-the-clock, high-drama tension. It’s excellent.

Without spoiling too much here are five big things to know about this “Covert Affairs” episode:

1. When Annie goes to work with the FBI on the murder investigation, she ends up stuck with an unfriendly face from her past — Agent Vincent Rossabi (Noam Jenkins). Annie doesn’t have the greatest history with that guy. It shows.

2. For all her talents, Annie does not have a lot of experience with crime investigation. This turns out to be a major problem for her when no one at the CIA thinks to worry about a key piece of evidence.

3. Joan (Kari Matchett) may have cleaned out Seth’s apartment. But someone else cleaned it out too. Looks like there may be more to this than meets the eye.

4. Agent Rossabi “thinks there’s a conspiracy to cover up Seth’s murder.” As Auggie (Christopher Gorham) wisely points out, “Well, there kind of is.”

5. Henry isn’t just wandering around, causing trouble for people at the CIA. He is also setting up office space in a prime location.

“Space (I Believe In)” airs Tuesday, Aug. 20 at 9pm on USA.

Posted by:Laurel Brown