covert affairs nazneen contractor sydney gi 'Covert Affairs' Season 5 casts 'Star Trek,' '24' actress Nazneen Contractor

“Covert Affairs” has cast Nazneen Contractor (“Star Trek into Darkness,” “24”) as a recurring guest star in its upcoming Season 5.

Contractor will play Sydney, a beautiful but mysterious woman in the process of enchanting CIA officer Calder Michaels (Hill Harper). As a discreet and savvy woman, there is far more to Sydney than one might expect. She will appear in an unannounced number of episodes when the show returns in the summer of 2014.

Recently seen as Rima Harewood in 2013’s “Star Trek into Darkness,” Contractor has also appeared on “24” (as Kayla Hassan in the “Day 8” season), “Person of Interest,” “Revenge,” “The Paul Reiser Show,” “The Border,” “Rules of Engagement” and more.

Season 5 of “Covert Affairs” is expected to examine the fallout of Annie Walker’s (Piper Perabo) decision to fake her own death in order to defeat Henry Wilcox (Gregory Itzin). Back at the CIA in the new season, relationships in the Agency will be at the center of the upcoming episodes.

Posted by:Laurel Brown