“Covert Affairs” Season 5 and Annie Walker are both back in the premiere, “Shady Lane.” And the evil terrorist forces of the world are obviously ready, considering the explosive nature of the episode.

Annie’s back!
After finally ending the life (and reign of terror) of Henry Wilcox at the end of Season 4, Annie apparently disappeared for awhile. She says she was on a beach, but no one is really believing that. But with no other obvious alternative, the CIA and audience have to accept it.

Either way, she’s back and ready for action — just not any action of the emotional kind. She only wants to be handler and agent when it comes to Auggie. Add in the fact that Annie is having panic attacks at inconvenient moments, and it’s safe to say that life is not a beach for Agent Walker.

A blast from her past
Unfortunately for everyone, Henry Wilcox is not the only bad guy in Annie’s past. There’s also Khalid Ansari, a Saudi man who came up against Annie back in Season 3. He is back in town, which makes everyone think dangerous things are happening.

In an odd twist, Khalid insists that there is a set-up going on. Then he gets shot. It’s therefore kind of hard to investigate the whole set-up thing right away.

The CIA, meanwhile, is going on the assumption that Khalid is an evildoer and checks the man’s known associates. One of them is a former soldier and private security guy names Boris Altan. Since Altan is a Muslim from Russia — where all the bad guys come from these days — obviously he’s a threat. Annie establishes this beyond a shadow of a doubt when she sees that the Altan family — Boris and a brother and sister — were having tea. Tea means terrorism on TV.

Enter McQuaid
Altan’s private-security job is the first place the CIA looks to discover what the heck is going on. That would be McQuaid Security, owned by one Ryan McQuaid. While the man is of little help in the investigation, he does manage to hit on Annie and offer Arthur a private-sector job in the episode.

More importantly, there’s terrorism afoot
With the discovery of a dead stockbroker, the CIA determines that the Altans are going after the Chicago Stock Exchange. They quickly find the youngest Altan brother on the floor and arrest him, but no explosives are evident. So they take him to a holding cell at the local CIA headquarters.

That was a bad choice. Young Altan has a bomb inside of him that detonates at the CIA base, obliterating everyone in the building. His sister then gets shot by Annie out in the parking lot. Boris, however, manages to get away. He’ll probably be an ongoing villain because of this.

There’s one other important outcome of the explosion — the Altans could not possibly be working alone. Not only is there the conspiracy that Khalid mentioned, but the bomber couldn’t have even known about the CIA base without top-secret information.

Is McQuaid behind the leak? Or is he a good guy who will help find out the real culprit?

Personal issues
There’s more than just McQuaid hitting on Annie in this premiere. First and most importantly, Annie and Auggie break up in what has to be the most understated and unspoken dumping in the history of relationships’ endings. Seriously, it was hard to tell the whole breaking-up thing even happened.

But it did. Annie and Auggie are officially not an item. No one seems particularly bothered by this.

Partially, this may be because Auggie has a hot judo instructor after him, and Annie is doing the whole “I can’t have relationships because I am a spy!” thing. The end result is that fans probably shouldn’t expect a rekindling any time soon.

Arthur and Joan, on the other hand, are stronger than ever. Joan gets passed over for a promotion because of Arthur’s past, but the couple talks about it openly. Plus, they have a cute baby to distract them from the angsty stuff.

And then there’s Calder’s love interest. She is probably important, but that’s for a later episode.

“Covert Affairs” airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on USA.

Posted by:Laurel Brown