Annie Walker gets herself into a jam pretty much every week on “Covert Affairs,” and Tuesday’s (Nov. 29) episode is no different. Except that this time out, she has a little company.

Tuesday’s episode, titled “What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?,” involves Annie’s (Piper Perabo) cover job at the Smithsonian. A British MI6 agent, Kenneth Martin (Tony Curran, “The Pillars of the Earth”), approaches her and asks her to provide access to the institute, not knowing she’s a CIA officer.

She plays along, hoping she’ll figure out why the British agency has a man poking around the Smithsonian. In this clip from the episode — which is exclusive to Zap2it — Annie goes poking around a loading dock at the museum and promptly runs into two guys who don’t want her there.

It leads to her being escorted to the trunk of a car — where none other than Kenneth is there to greet her.

“Covert Affairs” airs at 10 p.m. ET Tuesday on USA.

Posted by:Rick Porter