Life hasn’t been going so well for Annie Walker (Piper Perabo) throughout “Covert Affairs” Season 4. The summer finale may have been the worst yet — “Annie Walker” ends up dead at the end of “Levitate Me.”

Thanks to some sneaky activities by Annie, Auggie (Christopher Gorham) and Eyal (woohoo!, Oded Fehr), the increasingly trouble-attracting spy managed to fake her own death at the hands of Calder (Hill Harper). This means that the second half of the season — starting in just a few weeks — will be very different. Annie will be on-the-run and out of the CIA.

Why did the death even have to happen? “Annie has gotten into so much trouble that the only way to protect the people she cares about is to fake her own death,” Perabo explained when talking about her character’s fake demise. “So she … stages her own death and goes off the grid.”

As anyone who stuck around for the preview of upcoming knows, Annie even has to change her hair color in order to stay hidden from intelligence agencies. There’s a good reason that dark hair was the choice for Annie — it’s something that she can change quickly.

Beyond the hair, however, it’s anyone’s guess what will happen next to Annie, Auggie and the rest. It will, however, be rather interesting.

Posted by:Laurel Brown