We went on record as liking the first “Cowboys & Aliens” trailer quite a bit when it debuted last November. The new one is even better.

The 2 1/2-minute clip debuted during “American Idol” Thursday night (April 14), and while the opening scenes are similar to the first trailer, it soon gives us a lot better look at the aliens. They travel in smallish ships that look a little bit like dragonflies, and they have a thing for plucking people off the ground and up to their craft.

There’s also a little better look at the decidedly not Old West-issue weapon around star Daniel Craig‘s wrist, and a little more exposition as to why Craig and others (including Harrison Ford) are so ornery toward the extraterrestrial visitors. All that, plus both Craig and Olivia Wilde in states of undress? We’re buying.

“Cowboys & Aliens” is scheduled for release on July 29.

Posted by:Rick Porter