The “Crisis” series premiere brought more than a few twists before its hour ended — and one of the biggest concerns Dermot Mulroney’s Thomas Gibson. Initially seen as a hapless dad wanting to reconnect with his daughter, Gibson was soon revealed to be the mastermind behind the kidnapping of the children of Washington’s elite.

Speaking with reporters after that first episode, Mulroney made it very clear that the twists and craziness were going to continue on “Crisis.” And it’s more than just threatening Meg Fitch (Gillian Anderson), as seen in the video above.

For one thing, “Crisis” is not done throwing Gibson-related curveballs at the audience. Mulroney teases that his character has plenty more “hidden elements” that will be revealed “week after week.” “It’s what makes this show so fun,” he says. “As it evolved in its story, I just kept being so pleased by the twists and turns of the plot.”

Some of the twists are going to be huge, assuming you believe Mulroney’s teases. There could even be science-fiction elements: “You people are going to love this,” the actor hints about sci-fi somehow entering the story. “It’s not alien mother-ships or anything, but, you know, there’s some touches.”

Whatever twists may come, Gibson is going to try to stay in control of everything. He needs to if he wants to pull off such a massive criminal endeavor. “There’s that tension between knowing that he has a great plan and learning that it’s not going according to that plan,” Mulroney says. “What’s the character going to do next becomes part of the series.”

According to the actor, Gibson — no matter how ruthless and awful he can be — always remembers that he loves his daughter and wants to make things right with his family. “His intentions are good,” Mulroney says. “You will see that his methods are questionable at times but then you’ll learn how effective it is. And so the story makes you really question motives versus results.”

If it sounds like Mulroney admires his character, that’s because he does — to an extent. “I very much admire the reasons that he goes to the lengths that he does and makes the decisions he does, which is an intense and profound love for his daughter and his family,” he says. “But the thing that most impresses me about Gibson is how truly genius he is. It’s fun to play a character that is vastly more intelligent than I am, to be frank. It made me feel really smart.”

“Crisis” airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

Posted by:Laurel Brown