On the freshman drama “Crisis,” airing Sundays on NBC, Gillian Anderson plays Meg Fitch, a tough tech CEO dealing with the kidnapping of her daughter, who is secretly the child of her sister, FBI Agent Susie Dunn (Rachael Taylor).
Anderson takes time to answer a few questions from Zap2it about being a power player …
Zap2it: What sort of a person is Meg?
Gillian Anderson: She’s a tough cookie. She’s probably one of the tougher women I’ve played. She’s much more mainstream that I’ve played before. I’m thinking about various other roles … like Miss Havisham from “Great Expectations,” Stella Gibson from “The Fall,” and Scully (from “The X-Files”), all the tough, complicated women that I’ve played … she’s probably the most mainstream of them.
That’s interesting, in and of itself, to play a contemporary, powerful American woman.
Zap2it: Do you know any women like her?
Anderson: She’s coming from Washington, but from what I understand, it’s a different world in Washington that I’m not familiar with, but it’s hopefully something that I can intuit accurately enough.

But I know a lot of strong women, and I’ve met a few in the business world and stronger women in the creative arts. I think I’ve met a couple of women that could be her sisters. I think Meg commands that kind of attention.
Zap2it: What’s it like to play a woman like that?
Anderson: Only one other time have I played a character who would command that attention walking into a room full of very powerful people in their own right. That’s an interesting power to have; it’s a fun power to have.
You put it on when you’re on set, but it’s all in the world of make-believe. The heads are turning, the backs are straightening, have been told to do so. It’s not suddenly because I get to behave this way, that people go “Woo!”
Posted by:Kate O'Hare