justin bieber csi 0217 320 'CSI': Justin Bieber goes out in a blaze of glory“CSI” ended on a little bit of a cliffhanger Thursday (Feb. 17) — but not one involving Justin Bieber‘s character.

(Spoilers dead ahead.)

Bieber’s character, Jason McCann, tried to take revenge against Nick (George Eads), Catherine (Marg Helgenberger) and Detective Vartann (Alex Carter) for the death of his brother in the show’s season premiere. He and an accomplice set an elaborate trap that claimed one victim — although not the one they wanted — but Jason made a fatal mistake: He used his own cell phone to call Nick and lure him into the web.

Clearly, Jason never watched “The Wire.”

Jason’s story closed with him and his ex-soldier accomplice getting caught trying to flee to California. Jason was so bent on revenge, though, that he tried to shoot his way through a roadblock of about 20 cops. Not good — he takes several shots in the chest, and that’s the end of Jason McCann and Bieber’s stint on “CSI.”

The episode’s other major story involved Langston (Laurence Fishburne) testifying against serial killer Nate Haskell (guest star Bill Irwin), who earlier tried to kill Langston. His testimony helped convict Haskell, but with the help of a switched ID bracelet and one of his female groupies, Haskell managed to escape. We’re smelling a May sweeps return for him.

Bieber’s final scene is below.

Posted by:Rick Porter