ted danson gary sinise csi ny 325 bbs 'CSI: NY' and 'CSI' crossover: Gary Sinise on his first trip to the Vegas setZap2it: Do you like doing series crossovers, as “CSI: NY” does with “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” this week?

Gary Sinise: I do. It’s fun. I went to the “CSI: Miami” set when we did a crossover there, and [former “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” co-star] Laurence Fishburne came to our set, but I never went to the “CSI” Vegas set before. It was nice to go over there and work with those folks.

There are people there who have been on that show ever since it started, and they’re happy and excited about doing the work. They still love it. They’ve had some cast changes there, but there’s a consistency with some of the people. This is kind of a historic franchise in television history, and to be able to spend time with people who were there when it all started was fun.

Zap2it: Had you crossed paths with Ted Danson before?

Gary Sinise: We’d never worked together, but Ted’s a wonderful guy. He’s been around the business for a long time and has done a lot of great things, and he’s beloved in the industry … and just a sweet, nice man.

Zap2it: It seems the sensibilities of your Mac Taylor and Ted’s D.B. Russell are well-matched. Do you agree?

Gary Sinise: Well, D.B’s more of a scientist, and Mac is more of a butt-kicker in some ways. Taylor is a combination of detective and forensic scientist, so he’s a gun-carrying cop at the same time he’s a specialist, but D.B. doesn’t carry any weapons. His brain is all he needs.

Posted by:Jay Bobbin