CSI-season-14-premiere-elizabeth-harnois.jpgWhen we last left “CSI,” Detective Brass’ daughter Ellie and Conrad Ecklie’s daughter CSI Morgan, had been kidnapped by Oliver Tate, a serial killer who murders prostitutes in styles that mirror the circles of hell from “Dante’s Inferno.”

In the Season 14 premiere, Tate’s fifth circle victim is found right away, leaving four circles available as the team works to find Morgan and Ellie. The two girls are being held together in some shack, but eventually a live feed of Morgan is broadcast to Finn and John Mechiston informing them that they must choose — they only get one daughter back and they have six hours to decide (or, find the girls).

Meanwhile, Angela from Fellowship of the Fallen Angels tells Russell that she has to tell him something important about Tate, but Tate kills her before Russell gets there. But when Tate goes to escape, his car explodes in its own fiery inferno. Which means Tate was the next victim and now there are only two circles left.

Brass is instructed to call his daughter and make the choice, but he says he can’t choose. Eventually, Brother Larson convinces Jake to help the team find his brother Matthew, who is the real killer.

Meanwhile, the girls manage to escape and tie Matthew up, but Ellie tells Morgan she thinks there’s another girl being held captive and Morgan goes back, but of course Matthew has gotten loose. In the ensuing scuffle, Ellie shoots him in the chest.

In a move we did not see coming, Ellie shoots Morgan in the back. The intrepid CSIs figure out that Ellie’s story that Matthew shot Morgan and then Ellie shot Matthew in struggle can’t be right, then they discover Ellie has been dating Matthew.

Ellie then kills her mother and pulls a gun on her dad — she has her own daddy issues and  has been killing with Matthew and Jake. Her dad didn’t “choose” her and he couldn’t because he had to be the cop. She’s taken into custody and poor Brass can only cry.

Morgan pulls through, though, so that’s a positive. And then the team helps Brass lay his wife Nancy to rest.

What did you think of the “CSI” premiere? While we did not see Ellie Brass coming as the Dante’s Inferno killer, we certainly can get on board with her being unhinged and having serious daddy issues. That’s been a theme on the show for nearly its entire run.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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