cult series finale 'Cult' series finale recap: Who is Steven Rae? We'll never find out.

As a series, “Cult” was pretty much DOA. After being moved to a different night halfway through its freshman run, its cancelation was all but expected. But since the first season had already been filmed, The CW decided to burn off the remaining six episodes to give fans some closure, ending on Friday night (July 12) with the series finale, “Executive Producer Steven Rae.” So did all our questions get answered? 

Not even slightly. Sure, Nate was finally reunited with his brother Jeff after an entire season apart, but he was still obsessed with finding out the truth about the show within the show, “Cult.” They found Philip’s father’s corpse in the basement of the Moon Hill house, and he had clearly been dead for a long time. The Moon Hill parents, all dead and buried in the walls of the the St. Clare Church, were killed by a group called the Erasmus. Jeff, Skye, and Nate found an ancient looking TV remote with the Erasmus symbol on it, because clearly TV goes back centuries, right? Yeah, that sounds legitimate. What does it all mean? Where did all this random, ancient mythology come from? We’ll never know. 

Jeff and Skye did find her father, Quentin Yarrow, when he showed up in the basement after they discovered Philip’s father. Turns out Quentin seems to be calling the shots of the True Believers for unknown reasons. He gave no explanation as to where he’d been the past 10 years, or what he was doing spouting off the “Cult” phrase, “Well hey, these things just snap right off.” If we could only have gotten one explanation or answer, I really wish it would have been the meaning behind that phrase. 

On the show within the show, the final scene was to be shot and aired live on the orders of executive producer Steven Rae. Everything looked like it went smoothly, but the final shot of Billy getting shot in the stomach looked a little too real … especially when the actor playing Billy, Roger, stumbled out of the line of the camera into the audience screaming for help. Someone had replaced the prop gun with a real gun! Roger’s fate was left up in the air. 

When it came to Jeff and Skye, we at least got some closure. They finally hooked up! After Skye told Jeff he didn’t have to keep helping her find her father since Nate was home safe, Jeff told her he wasn’t going anywhere. They kissed, and went into her bedroom. They found love in a hopeless place. Good for them.

And as for executive producer Steven Rae, there was no hint or clue as to who he is. He will forever remain a shadow, a mystery, completely veiled. With a title like “Executive Producer Steven Rae,” one would think that the episode would finally shed some light on who he is. But hey, these things just snap right off. 

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum