justin willman cupcake wars food network 'Cupcake Wars' Justin Willman: 'Frosting makes great television'

Zap2it: So what did the host of “Cupcake Wars” go as on Halloween?
Justin Willman: My girlfriend went as Marie Antoinette, and I went as a piece of cake.
Zap2it: How appropriate!
Justin Willman: Yeah, exactly.
Zap2it: You’re not a baker, so what makes you right for being host of this show?
Justin Willman: Obviously, I’m a comedian/magician, so whatever the event, if it has to do with embracing comedy, I’m all about it. “Cupcake Wars” is inherently tongue-in-cheek, and the whole thing lends itself to a comedic approach, that we often have to err on the side of emphasizing the drama.
So when it’s an episode about literally comedy, we can really loosen it up. For the Variety Power of Comedy event, for Round 1, just to give you a sense, we gave them foods that are inherently funny, like parsnips, seltzer water, kumquats. You can’t say “kumquats” or “parsnips” without smiling.
Zap2it: Does the competition get heated?
Justin Willman: It’s not as intense as it would be at a major sporting event, but it’s about cupcakes, and I find that to be inherently charming.
Zap2it: Are there also frosting mishaps?
Justin Willman: Of course. You need those. Frosting makes great television.
Zap2it: If you could make any cupcake for Christmas, what would it be?
Justin Willman: Hmmm, I’m a weird guy. I love eggnog, so an eggnog cupcake seems perfect to me. Also, a gingerbread cupcake seems perfect to me. How about a gingerbread cupcake with an eggnog frosting? There you go. See, I should call Sprinkles right now. Maybe that will be my first cupcake. It’s not a bad idea.
Posted by:Kate O'Hare