the 100 promo earth skills CW's 'The 100' Season 1, episode 2 promo: What's hunting the kids on Earth?The CW’s new drama “The 100” debuted on Wednesday (March 19), and while the first episode focused on setting up the story of the the 100 juvenile delinquents sent down to Earth 97 years after a nuclear apocalypse, the second episode, “Earth Skills,” kicks off the bigger picture of the first season.

Namely, what exactly is out there, hunting the kids on Earth? They were supposed to be the only ones on the planet, as human life couldn’t survive on the radiation-soaked world for the past three generations … or so the humans up in space on The Ark thought. 
So who — or what — threw a spear at Jasper … and did he survive the attack? Who built the traps in the forest? And why don’t they want the humans back? Plus, will the adults back up on The Ark be able to make contact with the kids down on Earth?

Watch the promo for “Earth Skills” below:

“The 100” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum