da vincis demons season 1 finale tom riley 'Da Vinci's Demons' Season 1 finale recap: 5 biggest twists in 'The Lovers'“Da Vinci’s Demons” has covered a lot of ground in only eight episodes over its first season, and tonight’s Season 1 finale built to a suitably insane climax.

Fortunately for fans, Starz has already renewed the show for Season 2. So there’s no need to worry about the cliffhanger ending.

Here are our picks for the five biggest twists in the Season 1 finale, “The Lovers”:

1) Giuliano Medici didn’t actually die (at least not last week)

Giuliano looked like a goner after Lucrezia stabbed him last week to protect her secret about being a spy. It turned out he was down, but not out. Unfortunately for him, there was a lot of season finale action still to come…

2) Al-Rahim basically told Da Vinci how to find the Book of Leaves

No more screwing around with cryptic messages and hallucinatory visions, Al-Rahim led Da Vinci directly to a meeting place, told him he needed to board a ship called the Basilisk and he would wind up in a “new land” that would lead not only to the Book of Leaves but also his mother. What else does he need to do — hold Da Vinci’s hand? Apparently so…

3) Da Vinci confronted Lucrezia

He discovered she was a spy last week, and let’s not forget he now understands Lucrezia is a murderer and was directly involved in the unpleasantness of his trial. These are going to be big things to overcome, even though he knows she’s trying to protect her father.

4) Pope Sixtus and Lucrezia’s father are… brothers?

Twin brothers? And they’re in cahoots? And that means Lucrezia is Riario’s cousin? Um, ew.

5) That crazy climax

So much for Giuliano staying alive. When he burst into the church to reveal the Medicis were in danger from the Pazzis the scene erupted into total chaos. Guards pulled out swords, priests pulled out daggers and everyone got to fighting. Giuliano perished in the battle, but not before Vanessa revealed she was carrying his child (apparently it’s a boy?!). Lucrezia saved Clarice (!) and her daughters, but wound up a prisoner of Riario after they attempted to flee.

Da Vinci disobeyed Al-Rahim’s instructions about the ship and arrived just in time to save a wounded Lorenzo and usher him to refuge in a chapel. Lorenzo briefly pledged his devotion to the artist… until he realized that Da Vinci has been sleeping with Lecrezia. Their rivalry was back on just in time for Riario to blast open the door of the chapel.

With that explosive twist, Season 1 of “Da Vinci’s Demons” came to a close. While some of this first season has been quite a slog (why do all these episodes need to be almost a full hour, Starz?), the finale ended on an up note courtesy of the hilariously daffy climax.

What did you think of the finale and the season overall? And are you looking forward to Season 2?

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