If you have to make a music video but hate working with actors, the best solution is to bring on the mannequins. That’s what Daft Punk has done for their new “Instant Crush” video, featuring Julian Casablancas, and they somehow managed to get more emotion out of them than some people are able to give.
The video features a love story, of all things, between two mannequins in a museum, torn apart when the male, dressed as a soldier, is taken away to storage, almost as if he’s leaving the woman he loves to go off to war.
Unfortunately, a fire sparks in the storage area, leading to his untimely end. In those final moments, a duplicate of the female falls from a shelf, as if she’s there with him in his time of need.
For a five and a half minute video starring two inanimate objects, the love story is pretty emotional and well-told. Look out actors, or you may be replaced by giant dolls.
Also, keep an eye out for Daft Punk’s robot helmets, which make a cameo.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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