In recent weeks, “The Daily Show” hasn’t shied away from joking about the myriad problems that have arisen with the rollout of Obamacare. But as cable news outlets have begun using the show’s jokes as a call to action, host Jon Stewart is making it clear: His words are just that — jokes.

“Look, making fun of something, that’s nothing new for us, so don’t act like us making jokes about a certain program or president is evidence that that politician or issue has reached some kind of tipping point for action,” he said on Thursday’s (Oct. 31) episode after showing a highlight reel of cable hosts suggesting that “losing Jon Stewart” is something significant.

He closes by defending his show as mere catharsis and suggests that when he joked about things people like, they don’t view his supposed “power” in quite the same way it’s being discussed this go-round.

“People, I am here to say that the jokes we do on this program seem to accomplish very little,” he said. “They do provide a little catharsis or perspective, but most of the stuff we complain about never changes. The point is: Don’t use our jokes as evidence that the thing you hate must be stopped, ’cause I’m sure when we joke about s**t you like, you’re more than happy to ignore it.”

Check out the full segment above.

Posted by:Billy Nilles