dakota fanning theo james franny Dakota Fanning will date Theo James in Richard Gere indie 'Franny'

Dakota Fanning and Theo James are the latest to join the indie flick “Franny.” The movie, which also stars Richard Gere, is written and will be directed by Andrew Renzi.

In the movie, Fanning and James will play a young couple named Olivia and Luke. Meanwhile Gere plays a “gregarious hedonist” whose life is changed when he meets the pair, and he finds himself becoming a part of their lives. The movie is slated to begin shooting on Oct. 21 in Philadelphia.

Renzi developed “Franny” while working at the 2013 Sundance Screenwriters Lab. While Fanning has been starring in a recent string of smaller films, James will be coming off the expected YA blockbuster “Divergent.” Does “Franny” sound like a movie you will be interested in?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz