annalynne mccord dallas tnt 'Dallas': AnnaLynne McCord can be 'real polite' and 'real nasty'

Zap2it: Do you view your new “Dallas” character, ranch hand Heather, in the tradition of the strong female characters in the show’s past and current versions?

AnnaLynne McCord: Yes, and I think that stays true to the good ol’ South, too. I’m a Southern girl from Georgia, and there’s a saying we have … “Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness.” We can be real polite, and we can be real nasty. We don’t want you to bring it out of us, but it’s there.

Zap2it: So much of your “Dallas” work is with Jesse Metcalfe as Christopher. Did the two of you adjust to each other fairly quickly?

AnnaLynne McCord: Absolutely. I very much enjoy working with Jesse, but he tried to warn me that he can come on a little strong with how much he cares about the work. And I was like, “I can handle you, honey!” It’s been all good fun, and I appreciate his dedication.

He cares intensely about doing his absolute best. He’s very earnest, and I think that comes through with his choices for Christopher – and those particular qualities are what attract Heather in the storyline. She picked a good one this time, and you can see that in the dynamic they have. Anytime you talk about keeping things casual, you know what happens.

Zap2it: How has the rest of the “Dallas” cast been toward you?

AnnaLynne McCord: Heather didn’t encounter any of the other characters until a bit later, and I was thankfully more comfortable in my role and what I was doing by then. Everyone has been so lovely and welcoming,

Posted by:Jay Bobbin