emma bell red carpet 325 'Dallas' Emma Bell on Judith Light and sending J.R. Ewing out with a bangZap2it: As you join the “Dallas” reboot as the stepdaughter Bobby Ewing didn’t know he had, your character also is named Emma. Did you inspire that?

Emma Bell: I would love to say that I did because it would make such a good story, but I don’t think so. I think her name was Emma from the start, and it was just kismet. I went in for it like any other role, and I thought, “How funny it would be if I got this.”

Walking out, there was this big room where the writers were, and the door was open, and they had this big board. As I looked over, I saw that the name Emma was spelled all in hearts on it … and I just thought, “Oh, that’s so sweet. They really care about this character.” And from that point on, I was like, “OK, I really want this.”

Zap2it: You have many “Dallas” scenes with your “grandmother,” played by TV veteran Judith Light. How is it to work with her?

Emma Bell: I love Judith. She’s just so different from the character she’s playing. She’s vibrant, funny and full of heart. We’ve had a few scenes together where the assistant directors would have to keep telling us to shut up, because we would just be rolling over with laughter. We’ve bonded in a way that’s really nice.

Zap2it: What can you say about the farewell the show is planning for J.R. Ewing, in the aftermath of Larry Hagman’s passing?

Emma Bell: I think they want J.R. to go out with a bang, but also in a way that fans will be happy with -�- and that Larry would be happy with.

Posted by:Jay Bobbin