jordana brewster dallas gallery tnt 325 'Dallas': Jordana Brewster's 'Fast and Furious' movie and TV worlds collideJordana Brewster knows “Dallas” can get fast and furious, too.

Now in Season 2 of TNT’s reboot of the classic serial, she sees it salute her popular movie franchise with Monday’s (March 4) episode subtitled “The Furious and the Fast.” Its thrust is something the actress knows a lot about: a car race, this one between Christopher and John Ross Ewing (Jesse Metcalfe, Josh Henderson), the antagonistic relatives Elena Ramos (Brewster) has been involved with romantically.

“I had a laugh out of it,” Brewster tells Zap2it about her first glimpse of the story’s name. “It was particularly funny to me because I was shooting the next ‘Fast & Furious’ at the same time I was shooting that ‘Dallas’ episode.” Indeed, Brewster and fellow returnees Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Dwayne Johnson race into theaters again with “Fast & Furious 6” Friday, May 24.

While the latest “Dallas” tale acknowledges her other major credit, Brewster finds it a bit ironic that the script “actually doesn’t” involve her to a great degree. “There’s a whole NASCAR thing, with Christopher wanting to use [the Ewing family business’] all-natural energy source.”

Brewster claims she doesn’t mind not having more to do in the story: “Have you seen those cars? I’m a little bit claustrophobic, so I was so grateful not to be in one of those. I was like, ‘You know what, guys? You get to take this one.'”

Still, as “Fast & Furious” character Mia Toretto, Brewster has appeared to be no wallflower behind the wheel in the four chapters she’s been in. “It’s a little bit surreal,” she maintains, “when [the movie series’ stars] realize how much time has passed and how long we’ve known each other. You don’t really get that experience very often in this business.

“I think [director] Justin Lin has reinvented these movies in the same way the James Bond movies have been reinvented. The last one (‘Skyfall’) was one of my favorites, and I think Justin similarly doesn’t take the fans for granted and wants to make it new and fresh every time. I feel like that’s why they succeed.”

Having ongoing successes on both home and theater screens makes Brewster feel “very, very fortunate. What I love about TV is that you get to know everyone you’re working with, and you make really good friends. That’s the same way I feel about ‘Fast’; I don’t have to re-meet people and hope that I get along with them. They’re family now, so I feel very lucky.”

Moreover, Brewster considers it a gift to be playing what she terms “one of the most moral characters” on “Dallas.” She says Elena is “not willing to sacrifice her integrity, and because she’s around such big stakes, it’s really good that she’s shown being at loggerheads with the others. She can definitely hold her own.

“I’ve had a lot of fun in the scenes with Sue Ellen (Linda Gray), and there’s also more stuff coming up with Elena’s brother (Kuno Becker). That’s something so many people can relate to, arguing with family and having to have so much strength. That’s when you really show your true colors, I think, so I’m really enjoying that.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin