dallas reboot larry hagman angry about dallas move getty 320 'Dallas' reboot: Producers scout locations outside Texas, despite Larry Hagman's protests

Would the “Dallas” reboot still be “Dallas” if it was shot in Atlanta? Or maybe Canada where many shows have taken advantage of the costs-savings. Even if shooting took place in another Texas location? 
According to the original J.R. Ewing, shooting anywhere else wouldn’t be the same.
On Wednesday (Feb. 9), Larry Hagman, 79, voiced his disbelief after hearing that TNT’s “Dallas” reboot producers were scouting shoot locations outside of the title city. And despite his protests, the producers are moving forward on that plan.
“Yeah, well, those producers are going down either this week or next week,” Hagman tells Zap2it. “I hope they get Dallas. It would be awful if they get any place else – just for the publicity angle alone. But, yah know I’m not the head of that organization either.”

Hagman, whose participation in the reboot was reportedly endangered by contract negotiations before he signed on to be a regular, is very frank about the reasons the show would shoot outside Dallas.
“Money. It’s always about the money,” Hagman, who’s currently playing Frank on ABC’s “Desperate Housewives,” says.

The original series, which ended its 14-season run in 1991, shot on location in Dallas and in studios in Los Angeles.
[Editor’s note: Hagman tells us he’s a regular in the series and not just a recurring character.]
What are your thoughts on shooting outside of Dallas, Zappers?
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