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There’s nothing like a Ewing-family wedding to lure familiar faces back to Southfork Ranch.
Such guests were present in “Lifting the Veil,” Monday’s (March 17) episode of TNT’s “Dallas” update. The occasion was the official nuptials of the already eloped John Ross (Josh Henderson) and Pamela (Julie Gonzalo), but complications arose right from the start of the big day, as John Ross’ secretary Candice (Jude Demorest) summoned him to a long-sought meeting about the fracking permit he wanted.
“I’ve gotta take another raincheck,” he told the romantically inclined Pamela, but he promised he’d be back in plenty of time for the ceremony. Her worried look indicated she didn’t completely buy it.
Sue Ellen confirmed to Ann that John Ross was dallying with Emma … “and we have got to do something about it.” To that end, Sue Ellen wanted Emma to leave Southfork, but Ann feared that might make the drug cartel suspicious. “We will find another solution,” Ann vowed, cautioning Sue Ellen not to tell Pamela about the affair on the wedding day.

In Mexico, Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) apologized to Lucia Trevino (Angelica Celaya) for asking around about her spouse. “I can assure you, my husband has nothing to hide,” she replied — though Christopher left her with doubt by saying he was surprised Trevino was married, from “the way he conducts himself” in Dallas. A hidden Drew Ramos (Kuno Becker) watched Christopher depart.  
Heading for the office, John Ross ran into Emma (Emma Bell) and dismissed her by saying, “Whatever sick game you’re playing, you need to stop.” His labeling her “an attention-starved little brat” sent her storming into the house, where she ran into Pamela. They both encountered a tense Sue Ellen, who was looking for John Ross and having a hard time holding her tongue about him and Emma. Leaving the room, she pulled out a concealed flask and took a drink.

Drew called Trevino, telling him that he’d seen Christopher and that he wanted to come clean to the Ewings for “the pain I’ve caused them.” Trevino managed to talk him out of it, at least for now. Returning to Southfork, Christopher told Bobby they needed to find out more about who Trevino used to be, before he assumed his current identity.
Arriving at his meeting with the railroad commissioner about the permit, John Ross found Harris Ryland (Mitch Pileggi) instead, alleging to be a friend of the official. “Have a seat,” Ryland said. “We’ve got some business to discuss.”
That business came down to the files Emma had stolen, which Ryland wanted back from John Ross in exchange for helping to get the pernit approved. John Ross agreed to return only one file of Ryland’s choosing for now, and Ryland selected a particular flash drive, allowing one hour for its delivery.
First, John Ross had to acquire it from Emma, who was among those helping Pamela get ready for the wedding. She was cool to John Ross’ phone call, being careful not to identify who she was talking to, though Sue Ellen and Ann had a pretty good idea. Also attending to Pamela was her mother, Afton (Audrey Landers, reprising her role from the original “Dallas”).
Meeting John Ross, Emma didn’t bring the flash drive, wanting to determine first how he “really felt” about her. Insisting he truly cared about her, he kissed her … then added, “Now, would you go get the flash drive and bring it back to me?”
With wedding time drawing ever nearer, guests started to arrive, including former Southfork residents Lucy (Charlene Tilton) and Ray (Steve Kanaly). Trevino also showed up as Elena’s guest, telling Christopher he himself would have provided any information desired about him. Seeing Trevino put a romantic move on Elena later, Christopher warned her about “playing around with a married man.”
Emma returned with the flash drive, but found Bum (Kevin Page) waiting for it instead of John Ross — who already had gone back to see Ryland and was shown surveillance equipment trained on a seamy romantic encounter involving the railroad commissioner. Ryland chuckled that now that John Ross had that information, getting the fracking permit from the man likely would be no problem.
It wasn’t, and a DVD recording of that verbal agreement was handed to John Ross by Ryland, who got the flash drive in exchange. Bum had made a copy of it, but some of the information was encrypted. John Ross covertly told him to break the code, and Bum responded, “You’re flying mighty close to the sun with all this.”
Ryland also had some advice for John Ross as their dealings concluded for the day: “If you know what’s best for you, you’ll stop sleeping with my daughter.”
As the wedding party waited for John Ross to show up, Afton accused Sue Ellen of not teaching him to behave better than J.R. “The most despicable thing J.R. ever did,” Sue Ellen replied, “was you.” As Afton shrieked, “How dare you!,” Ann broke up the almost-fight and Sue Ellen exited to take another drink from the flask.
Elena asked Trevino about his wife, and he explained they’d “agreed to divorce a few months ago,” with an impending settlement all that was keeping it from being finalized. “My heart is not with her anymore,” he claimed. “It never was. It was always with you.”
With John Ross finally back at Southfork, Sue Ellen told him she knew he was cheating on Pamela with Emma. “I was hoping you would not make the same mistakes as your father,” she said with barely controlled rage, but he told her she didn’t understand what he was doing nor why.
“I will not stand by and watch you destroy Pamela like J.R. destroyed me,” Sue Ellen countered, threatening to tell Pamela about him and Emma if he didn’t stop. Calling her out on her drinking, John Ross calmly noted, “You’ve looked the other way your whole life, Mama. One more time’s not gonna hurt.”
He then went to explain to Pamela where he’d been, and a furious Afton reluctantly let him into the room … then slapped him on the back of the head as she left. “I did what I did today for us,” he told Pamela, “so that I can give you everything you deserve.”
Retorting that her father always said the same thing about being absent — when he really was serving only himself — John Ross said, “I’m here. And I will always show up for you.”
Cut to Pamela being walked down the aisle by Bobby as the Wedding March played. As John Ross waited for her, best man Christopher told him to feel free to ask for any advice, since he’d been through it before … “with the same bride.”
The happy event didn’t stop John Ross from thinking about business, since during the reception, he informed Bobby he was getting the permit. “You are more and more like your daddy every day,” said Bobby, who then put in an angry call to the railroad commissioner. Sue Ellen entered as he hung up, and as a desperate Bobby said he had no cards left to play in stopping John Ross, Sue Ellen mentioned she had one.
The night held romance for several couples: Heather (AnnaLynne McCord), who had worked the wedding as a waitress, and Christopher; Elena and Trevino; and, of course, honeymooners Pamela and John Ross. Meanwhile, Emma literally cried herself to sleep alone.
Trevino’s joy was short-lived, since wife Lucia was waiting for him when he returned home from his night with Elena. “I’ve decided I want to stay in this marriage,” she said, threatening to tell the Ewings everything about his past if he didn’t go along with her. 
Ryland handed Judith (Judith Light) what she didn’t know was a look-alike flash drive, and reasoned they would have to break up John Ross and Emma to get all the files back. Ryland had the means to do that: During their last meeting, he had introduced John Ross to two rather aggressive women — one of whom was underage — and secretly had incriminating photos taken of them all.
An additional ace was up Ryland’s sleeve. Candice, John Ross’ secretary, also happened to be on Ryland’s payroll … and appeared ready and willing to help smear John Ross.
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