linda gray dallas season 3 tnt 1 'Dallas' Season 3: Linda Gray inherits Larry Hagman's dressing room

Zap2it: How do you like playing Sue Ellen opposite Josh Henderson as the grown John Ross on “Dallas”?
Linda Gray: Oh, it’s fantastic! It’s fabulous. We laugh on the set because Sue Ellen doesn’t have a lot of friends. She never did. Now, to see this little bad boy she dragged off to London and was not the best mother to … good, bad or indifferent, she’s a mom. And part of who he has turned out to be has her influence in it, so she has to watch him and what he’s learned.
Zap2it: You have Larry Hagman’s former dressing room on the “Dallas” set. How have you adapted to that?
Linda Gray: When Larry passed, his half of the trailer he shared with Patrick (Duffy) remained empty. When we came back for Season 3, Ken Topolsky — our producer in Dallas — said, “Do you mind if I change your dressing room?” I said, “No,” and he said, “You’ll be sharing with Patrick.”

It didn’t dawn on me, but the first day, I walked up to the door … and it wasn’t until that second that I thought, “This was Larry’s room.” And I just stopped and stood there, frozen. Then I took a breath and thought, “OK, move over. I’m movin’ in.”

Zap2it: How is it to have Patrick as a trailer mate?
Linda Gray: We’ve become closer. We were always close, but Larry and I had more scenes than Patrick and I had scenes. During the 20 years in-between the (“Dallas”) series, all three of us were very, very close, so it was a bonus to be invited back to do the characters again.
Posted by:Jay Bobbin