patrick duffy jesse metcalf 'Dallas' Season 3 spring finale: Southfork Ranch is 'Where There's Smoke,' literally

“Dallas” fans can’t say the show’s Season 3 midpoint didn’t have enough cliffhangers to bring them back in August.
That’s when TNT’s reboot of the serial will resume after Monday’s (April 14) spring finale, the aptly titled “Where There’s Smoke.” The episode began with Bobby (Patrick Duffy) and John Ross (Josh Henderson) again locking horns over possible alterations to Southfork Ranch, with John Ross claiming he only wanted to give his new wife Pamela (Julie Gonzalo) “a proper master suite.”
As Pamela followed a trail of rose petals to meet John Ross while he consulted with the prospective builders, she looked at her phone … and saw the anonymously sent video of John Ross and Emma (Emma Bell) getting intimate in his office. As she then stared across the way at him, her face was a combination of despair and “if looks could kill.”
Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) was startled awake, looking at his hands after evidently having a nightmare about his beating of Drew (Kuno Becker). He then shaved off his facial hair and drove over to see Heather (AnnaLynne McCord), explaining his look represented his feeling that it was “finally time to move on.”

He wanted that to include moving his relationship with her to the next level, but after her breakup with ex-husband Bo (Donny Boaz), she feared her young son Michael’s (Dallas Clark) heart might get broken by another man departing. Just then, she got a call informing her Bo had taken Michael from school, and she and Christopher raced off.
Drew found his mother Carmen (Marlene Forte) at a market, and she asked what had happened to his face, which showed the results of his encounter with Christopher. He told her he needed to “make things right,” and he left as she pleaded with him not to do “anything stupid.”

At Southfork, Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) noticed water seeping into a hallway. When she and Ann (Brenda Strong) opened the pertinent door, they found a dazed Pamela sitting on the floor next to a rapidly filling bathtub. When they asked what was wrong, she showed them the phone video and Sue Ellen said, “I’m so sorry you had to find out this way.”
Instantly, Pamela realized Sue Ellen had known of the affair. When Ann added, “We didn’t want to hurt you,” Pamela realized they both had kept it a secret and screamed at them to get out.
A distraught Sue Ellen went to the kitchen and reached for a bottle, but Ann refused to let her start drinking again. Bobby entered and wondered what was going on, and when Ann told him about the affair, it was his turn to be angry. With her having kept Emma’s existence from him for years after they wed, he yelled, “We’re supposed to be partners!”
Convinced Emma had sent the video to Pamela — though it actually was Trevino’s (Juan Pablo Di Pace) doing — Bobby decided to leave and “get some air.” He told Ann that by the time he returned, “I want Emma out of my house.”
Outside, Bobby ran into Christopher, Heather and Sheriff Derrick (guest star Akai Draco), who advised the couple that since Bo was Michael’s father and there was no evidence of a threat, they had “a civil matter, not criminal” on their hands. Christopher asked the distressed Heather for a list of places Bo might be, and Bobby offered to go along in checking them out.
John Ross got a call from Bum (Kevin Page), advising him that they had “a problem” involving his ex-secretary Candice (Jude Demorest). That led to a visit to her apartment, which John Ross noted was costlier than what he had paid her. He told her he knew of Harris Ryland’s (Mitch Pileggi) scheme against him, and he offered to possibly pay for the apartment and “all your bills” for any Ryland information she gave him.
Judith’s (Judith Light) office was John Ross’ next stop, and he threatened to have Candice testify against both her and Ryland unless she “put a leash on that son of yours.” Judith had a warning in return: “Harris and I will do anything to protect Emma.” John Ross had another counter-threat: “I will do anything to protect my family.”
After he left, Emma emerged from behind a secret door, having heard the whole conversation. She told Judith she had no expectation of his leaving Pamela, but Judith advised her to use what she had on John Ross against him. “Be smart, my darlin’ girl,” Judith said. “They heel better when they have a leash around their neck.”
Getting in his car to find Drew hiding in the back seat, Trevino asked to let his plan with Elena (Jordana Brewster) against the Ewings play out. Drew replied, “This is a blood feud that can only be settled with blood,” and he bolted from the car. Unable to find him, Trevino called the Mexican drug cartel and reported their plan would be ruined if Drew got to the Ewings … and added, “Find Drew Ramos! Now!”
Christopher got a call from Derrick, who said Bo and Michael had been spotted at the rodeo where Bo used to perform. Going there immediately, Christopher found Michael, but Bo had gotten away. Heather turned up there moments later, and she, Christopher and Bobby were informed that Bo was heading back to Dallas — “and coming for everyone at Southfork.”
Emma called John Ross, who told her he knew all about the Rylands’ plot against him, but she promised he still had her support: “We’re in this together.” She then said Judith was going to train her to take over Ryland Transport, and invited him to meet her at a hotel to celebrate. “And I’m not taking ‘no’ for an answer.”
Trevino returned to a deeply upset Elena, who lamented “living in a fog, thirsting for revenge” and lying to so many of her friends. particularly the Ewings. Trevino told her she was his “destiny,” but he had sly plans for her, too: While she was out of sight, he went to her bureau, got her diaphragm and tampered with it.
Ann went to tell Ryland that Emma would have to move back in with him, adding angrily that “Bobby has no right to throw her out.” Ryland told her, “I made this mess. I will clean it up. I promise.”
After inviting her in for a drink, they took a walk outside his residence. He apologized for having been “weak” against Judith while he and Ann were married, and Ann noted she was “too young” when they wed. Then they kissed, and Ann pulled away, but not before an agitated Judith, watching from a window, saw it.
Outside at Southfork, Sue Ellen apologized to Pamela for not revealing John Ross’ affair, explaining she wanted to spare the sort of pain J.R.’s infidelity had caused her. “I’m not you,” Pamela shot back. “I’m not a weak, sniveling drunk like you are.”
A shaken Sue Ellen headed for a bottle while Pamela headed to track John Ross’ whereabouts, revealed to be the hotel where he was with Emma. Pamela went there and gained entry to their room while they were passionately embracing in bed.
Startled by her sudden presence, they feared she was about to do something drastic. She took off her coat to reveal the same green lingerie Emma was wearing, which they’d both bought during a shopping trip for Pamela’s honeymoon.
“May I join you?” Pamela asked calmly. John Ross and Emma were both speechless — as, quite likely, were more than a few “Dallas” viewers — as Pamela moved toward Emma. The two women kissed as John Ross watched, stunned.
Eventually, he took off his shirt and joined them as The Doors’ “Break on Through (to the Other Side)” blared on the soundtrack. Suddenly, Pamela began gasping for air, and John Ross commanded Emma to call 911. As he moved Pamela from the bed to the floor, he noticed a bottle of pills she had dropped earlier.
While Elena climbed into bed with Trevino, Sue Ellen continued her drinking binge at Southfork and finally collapsed, just as a fire erupted with a shadowy figure watching. Bobby and Christopher arrived back at the ranch as the blaze grew, making their way through smoky hallways and calling out for others who might be there, until a ceiling collapsed on top of them.
And then … “To Be Continued,” this summer.
Posted by:Jay Bobbin