dance moms season 3 reunion 'Dance Moms' reunion: Abby Lee Miller announces nationwide auditionsThe intro for the “Dance Moms” Season 3 reunion says that Abby Lee Miller is the “eye” of the storm, which to us implies that she’s the calmest part of what’s about to happen. Spoiler alert — that is incorrect.

“They acted like trash in the middle of Bourbon Street and that is exactly what they are,” is what Abby says of the slap-fight between Christi and Leslie at Nationals. She’s not wrong.

Christi is apologetic and knows what she did was wrong, while Leslie is having none of it. Leslie wants to rehash the whole incident instead of letting Christi just be sorry. Leslie says she never treats people the wrong way, but guess what? Not accepting an apology is not the right way to behave either, lady.

Asia’s mom Kristie joins in the fray and everybody says Christi is a bully and the “tin man,” because she has no heart.

Before that can devolve too far, the show moves on to Abby vs. Kelly, which included a 30-minute stand-off in an auditorium — “Stick your butt in a seat and shut your mouth,” snots Miller.

Why do these people keep sending their kids to work with this person?

Kelly answers the question of why people keep working at Abby’s studio when she says her kids want to keep returning to their family and because she’s part of the “Dance Moms” team.

Abby eventually just storms off as Kelly yells, “I’m not a wacko!” Hmph. You’re all wackos.

The next fight we get into is Kristie versus Jill, complete with a lot of finger wagging, “hot mess” and an F-bomb. Jill thinks Kristie and Asia used the dance team and then left them for a better offer.

Eventually, Abby comes back and makes a big announcement, smiling like the cat that ate the canary — the announcement is that the Abby Lee Dance Company will be auditioning nationwide for new members this season.

What did you think of the “Dance Moms” reunion?

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