dance moms season 4 premiere abby lee miller 'Dance Moms' Season 4 premiere: The open auditions have everyone scaredWhen we last left the “Dance Moms,” Leslie and Christi got into a slap-fight at Nationals in New Orleans, which got their daughters sent home from the competition.

In the pre-premiere show with Abby Lee Miller and the moms, Christi argues that her actions should not have repercussions on her daughter dancing at Nationals, but Abby Lee says the moms signed a contract about their behavior and that an altercation between two of them is not going to be tolerated.

Abby also reveals during the pre-show that she is holding national auditions for the Abby Lee Dance Company (which we all already knew from last year’s reunion show). The auditions are going to be held in Orlando, Atlanta and New York.

When the premiere starts, Abby has created a group routine for the Sheer Talent competition that reenacts Leslie and Christi’s fight. She means for it to show Christi and Leslie that they are an embarrassment to the ALDC, but really all it is is making Christi’s daughter Chloe and Leslie’s daughter Payton feel embarrassed. So, once again these poor girls are punished because their moms are bat-crap crazy.

As they rehearse for Sheer Talent, Abby reveals the only girl on the team who is not in danger of being replaced is Maddie, who won a solo award at Nationals and gets a solo for the upcoming competition. Nia also gets a solo for the competition, with the solo being taken away from Kendall.

Meanwhile, singer Jana Kramer asks Brooke to sing at her concert and … in the span of less than 10 minutes, Abby is alternately trying to get the dance company to dance for the concert and then mad that the girls are going to the concert instead of rehearsing. What? Later, Abby also tries to take credit for Brooke’s opportunity to sing and calls Brooke’s mom Kelly a b****.

Anyway, at the competition, Kendall does very well during her jazz trio with Paige and Chloe, as they take home first place. Nia does not nail her solo, finishing outside the Top 5, but Maddie nails hers, taking first place. The group dance takes third place, which Abby is livid about. She sees this competition as having two wins and two losses.

Plus, the moms and girls are nervous about possible replacements from these open auditions Abby is holding, especially since the dancer Abby describes that she’s looking for does not describe very many of the dancers she currently has.

Next week: The open auditions start.

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