kelly osbourne ellen 'Dancing With the Stars' alum Kelly Osbourne picks Season 11 winner

Season 9 “Dancing With the Stars” contestant Kelly Osbourne appears on Ellen DeGeneres‘ program on Nov. 12, and spills on who she thinks will take home the title in two weeks.

“You never know with that show,” says Osbourne. “It’s crazy you don’t always see what the people see at home and why they vote. You never really understand, but I definitely think that Jennifer Grey is going to be in the finals. As for the winner, I really feel like Bristol Palin is going to give everyone a run for his or her money…I have to say this you have to separate the person from the family. She’s out there and she’s trying.”

Sounds like she’s Team Bristol, as pretty much nothing but divine intervention is keeping Grey out of the finals.

But Osbourne wasn’t that enamored with Palin when she judged her performance on the 200th episode. Though she had nothing but praise during the comments, she was one of only two celebrity panelists to not give out a perfect 10.

While on the show, Osbourne also gets DeGeneres to open up about rumors that her wife, Portia de Rossi, wants to be a part of “DWTS” Season 12 — and whether she might be partnered with another woman.

“I think it’s weird,” DeGeneres says of the Israeli version of “DWTS,” which currently features a  same-sex pairing. “It’s not a romantic thing. It’s an art form, and in dancing it doesn’t matter. We are just so used to seeing a men and woman dancing together. I think that’s great that they’re going to do that. I don’t know if [Portia] is going to do it or not. She won’t tell me. We’ll find out.”

We suppose we will — though not for a while. Casting hasn’t even started for the next season of “DWTS.”

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