dancing with the stars amber riley derek hough season 17 week 1 abc 'Dancing with the Stars': Amber Riley and Derek Hough on high scores and 'Glee'

Amber Riley dominated a tough week in the “Dancing with the Stars” Season 17 premiere. Along with professional partner Derek Hough, Amber earned all 9s for 27 points. Not only was this the top score of the night, it also matched a “DWTS” season premiere record.

What did Amber and Derek have to say about that afterwards? Find out about that and Amber’s “Glee” future in this interview.

How do you feel about getting such high scores in the very first week?

Amber: We’ll take it. We worked really hard! I mean, we’re scared, but we’ll take it.

Derek: We’re like … Okay?!

Amber: It’s high for the first week, but we worked really hard at this. That felt good!

Derek: Yeah, whether or not it’s the beginning, middle, end — whatever it is — but when there’s a song that’s great. When it all kind of comes together, it comes together. For me, if I were to all think tactically … I have stopped doing that. I used to do that, where I was tactical and started by holding back things. But I stopped doing that a season or two ago. Now I want every week to be like 10s.

Did you expect to get so high a score?

Amber: Not at all. Not at all — we were like, “If we can just get three 7s, that’d be awesome.” I felt really great. I felt proud of what we did. I mean, the scores actually matter, obviously.

What was it like seeing members of the “Glee” cast in the “DWTS” audience?

Amber: I was amazed that they came! They all texted me — I invited them, and they all texted to say, “When is it? What’s the information?” Dianna [Agron] was actually on Ferguson, Craig Ferguson, which is two stages down. And she literally came into her seat right before I started dancing. I saw her right before went out. And Kevin [McHale] came here from the plane — he came in from London. And Jenna [Ushkowitz] came and Chris [Colfer] came and Ashley Fink came. And that was just amazing!

My whole entire family was here too.

What’s your status on “Glee” in the upcoming season?

Amber: I’m a guest star. I just come in and out.

How much are you rehearsing right now?

Amber: We rehearse …

Derek: We’re only allowed to do four hours a day … I like it because it’s this serious, blocked time. It’s what you get. It’s awesome because then you don’t have those long, drawn-out days. So it’s good. I think it’s good.

How did it feel to be dancing?

Amber: It felt great! The energy was great this evening, and I had a lot of fun out there.

“Dancing with the Stars” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

Posted by:Laurel Brown