bruno tonioli tom bergeron quotes 'Dancing With the Stars' Bruno Tonioli vs. Tom Bergeron quote wars: Tonioli pulls aheadLast week we brought you the first installment of the “Dancing With the Stars” Bruno Tonioli vs. Tom Bergeron quote wars.

On Monday (April 19), Tonioli turned it up a notch.

We counted at least five solid Tonioli noteworthy quotes to three Bergeron witty one-liners:


To Niecy Nash after shaking her jiggly parts during her jive: “There was so much going on on the upper deck, it was hard to look anywhere else.”

To Jake Pavelka after he put his pants back on about two seconds into his “Risky Business” cha cha: “Jake, you cheeky bugger! Why did you put your pants on?”

To Kate Gosselin on her uber-low energy during her foxtrot: “Dahling, I think Tony could have more life with a frock on a coat hanger.”

Another Gosselin zinger (because one is simply not enough): “What you need is a postmortem, not a critique.”

To Nicole Scherzinger after her 29/30 tango (delivered with unbridled enthusiasm while standing up): “Two players at the top of their game! Riding the fine line between love and hate, bursting with sexual tension!”


Referencing that humongous shiny rock Chad Ochocinco gave partner Cheryl Burke: “It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that bling.”

After Len Goodman rips into Pamela Anderson‘s Dolly Parton-inspired quickstep: “That was Len from ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’.”

After Bruno’s repeated shots at Gosselin’s lethargic dancing and her explanation that “a nice visit from eight little friends” had zapped all her energy: “This update: Eight little friends just stripped Bruno’s car.”

Did we miss any? Feel free to add any you don’t see that you think we should have included!

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