Dancing-With-The-Stars-Chaz-Lacey-cropped.jpgThere was a ton of controversy during Broadway night on “Dancing With the Stars.”  Maksim Chmerkovskiy fighting with judge Len Goodman might have been the big story from the night, but the judges referring to Chaz Bono as a penguin prompted some strong words from his partner Lacey Schwimmer, leading people to speculate about the real relationship the dancers have with the judges. There is clearly more tension than we previously thought.

We were backstage during the show and spoke to eliminated couple Chaz and Lacey about whether or not they saw it coming. Lacey told us this: “After the judges comments and scores last night, it was kind of no question.  It was almost as if they set it up. So for us, we’re as happy as anyone. I mean, we came and did what we wanted on the show, and we did it well.  Last night, he did a great job dancing. I watched the playback and it was great.”

Chaz talked about how he felt after hearing what judge Bruno Tonioli said to him and letting that go. “I was quite angry last night. But you know what? I feel really good right now and I’m just grateful to have the experience. I’m not leaving the show bitter or angry or anything. I’m grateful for Lacey and for everyone that I worked with on “Dancing With the Stars.” It was a wonderful, life changing experience and I’m so glad I did it.”

“It’s not about beating out people or not beating out people. I got to stay on for a long time.” “Because of the viewers,” Lacey added. Chaz continued, “I got to dig deeper into myself, probably more than I ever have and overcome a lot of fear and pain and anxiety and stress and everything. It’s made me a better person.”

Chaz said he has no idea how much weight he’s lost, but he knows he lost inches. We asked him if he’d continue to dance. Lacey jumped in and said we could hire him for parties, but Chaz was pretty hesitant about it. “I don’t know when I’m going to have an opportunity to dance,” he said. “But if it arose I would. I really enjoyed it.”

So, if you’re Team Chaz/Lacey, who do you vote for now? Lacey said, “We want J.R. (Martinez).” Chaz encouraged anyone who has been voting for him to switch their votes and help the war hero win the day. With the way he’s been dancing, it would be no surprise to see J.R. take the mirror ball trophy, even without Chaz’s votes.

What do you think about Chaz and Lacey’s elimination? Did they deserve to go home? If you were Team Chaz/Lacey, will you take their advice and transfer your votes to J.R.? Let us know what you think. And check out the video of the Broadway night elimination round performance headed by “High School Musical” star Corbin Bleu.

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