mark ballas chelsea kane quickstep 'Dancing With the Stars': Chelsea Kane finds competitive mojo after Mark Ballas' injuryTwo things stuck out in Chelsea Kane and Mark Ballas‘ rehearsal package during the April 25 “Dancing With the Stars”: Chelsea’s apparent reluctance to beat her fellow contestants and Mark’s cringe-worthy ankle twist during their dress rehearsal.

Well, one problem seems to have solved the other.

“I think my competitive spirit finally kicked into gear tonight with this guy’s ankle,” Kane told Zap2it after the taping. “When he got hurt, I figured we were going with our dress rehearsal during the show. They were just going to air that. And the fact that he iced it and was going to get back out there so we could get the best score possible just meant so much to me.”

And the scores were worth it. Mark and Chelsea’s Quickstep earned one of the first 10s of the season — as well as the season’s highest cumulative score so far, a 28.

Ballas also brushed off concerns about his ankle, saying he never really considered not performing.

“If he can do it on a bum leg, nothing can hold me back,” Chelsea adds, making sure to punctuate her new-found drive to win with a self-deprecating smile. “I want to do the best dances possible. I’m ready to win it… even though it feels weird saying that.”

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell