Jennifer Grey‘s “Dancing With the Stars” schedule has been so rigorous, she hasn’t even had the opportunity to go outside to receive any of that positive fan feedback in person.

Zap2it caught up with the Season 11 front-runner and partner Derek Hough after the first part of the finale, and she’s quite relieved the finish line is in sight.

“I’m really excited to finish,” Grey tells us. “I haven’t been in the public for three months. I’ve been in a car, with my husband and daughter, in a doctor’s office or in the studio.”

“I actually keep her in a cage,” Hough chimes in.

Seriously though, he is happy that his partner will finally get the chance to bask in the “DWTS” glow most everyone else has been aware of for months.

“I think it’s going to be amazing when she does finish the show, and she’s actually out there and gets the love from all the people,” says Hough, whose pro status allows him a lot more free time. “When I’m out there, people come up to me all the time. I’m getting all of these wonderful comments for her.”

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Posted by:Mikey O'Connell