jennifer grey derek hough dancing week two 'Dancing With the Stars' Diary: Waxed legs, mystery boos and Sarah PalinZap2it‘s weekly “‘Dancing with the Stars’ Diary” offers fans a backstage
pass to everybody’s favorite only reality competition that throws
celebrities at the mercy of that fickle mistress we call dance.

You know you’re in for a treat when you’ve got tears, temper tantrums
and Sarah Palin all before the opening titles. Such is the case with the week 2 “Dancing with the Stars” performance show.

And let’s rip that Palin-shaped band-aid right off the bat, shall we? Because all that fanfare amounted to little hubbub when it finally went down — and for good reason. Sure, Bristol and Mark‘s trip to Alaska was textbook reality TV photo-op, but now that mama has finally made the trek down to LA, can we stop asking Bristol about what Sarah thinks and focus on her becoming a credible threat in the quest for the Season 11 mirror ball of wonder? Wait… what?

Her rising star status is just one one the things that will make you go “hmmm” in this week’s dance-tastic diary. So let’s get crackin’:

We didn’t see it coming

  • Pardon our proud parent moment, but lets acknowledge how amazing it is that this Quickstepping Audrina Patridge is the same taciturn girl we first met poolside on “The Hills,” five years ago. She’s
    graceful, oozing confidence, sort of a badass and, most importantly, showing so much personality. Her technique is already improving leaps and bounds, and the judges are taking note. Bruno just needs to cool it with the horse analogies.
  • Clearly, Brandy doesn’t have it in for partner  Maksim Chmerkovskiy, but that kind of sarcasm doesn’t translate well to the tube. The singer was overly apologizing backstage for publicly blaming her partner for their performance — she was just saying that the nerve-wrecking solo was his call — but seeing it right on the heels of those sassy comments during rehearsals won’t win her any votes. Check yourself before you wreck yourself, girl.
  • If you
    think Michael Bolton‘s Danny Zuko meets Siegfried and Roy outfit looked out of place in the ballroom, imagine the sight of that velour blazer in the record
    113-degree heat outside the studio before the show started — not
    practical or at all attractive. Hopefully the bedazzled animal print distracted everyone from what
    stiff bore he is on the dance floor. (Chill. Bruno was way harsher.)

Audience vs. Judges

  • That was booing you heard after Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough got their scores, and though Internet conspiracy theorists would have you believe it was directed at Sarah Palin (Really, Internet? Really?), it was definitely aimed at the judges. We understand it’s too early to dole out the really high numbers, but a 24 for that incredible jive didn’t make sense to anyone in the studio. 
  • And speaking of underwhelmed judges, did you notice how particularly harsh Carrie Ann Inaba was this week? Few performances seemed to stack up to what she saw the first go ’round, and though we definitely would agree with her in some respects, we mostly feel like she wasn’t watching the same show. Case in point: Brandy. Last week was a snooze compared to her sophomore outing.
  • Poor Margaret Cho. Her goofing off last week must have really rubbed the trio the wrong way last week, because they still aren’t feeling it. To the crowd, she was totally redeemed… or at least by more than 18.

Backstage banter

  • “This week everyone is sick, so it’s like ‘Dancing with the SARS,'” says Margaret Cho, who’s actually incorporated her new gig on her current stand-up tour. “We’re all real run down, so people are falling. It’s really disgusting, like weird, biological warfare. If I can’t dance better than you, then I’m going to give you SARS.”
  • That whole thing with Tony Dovolani waxing his legs is really happening, so expect some shiny gams as soon as Tuesday’s results. Patridge tells us how the whole thing came about: “We were rehearsing and it was super late. After dancing for about six or seven hours, you get a little loopy, and that Tony was trying to encourage me.” As for the legitimacy of that one 7 that kept them from the 24 her promised, Dovolani, Patridge and Zap2it are all fairly certain it was just to see if he’d fulfill his word.
  • Rick Fox‘s foot problems shouldn’t be that much of a problem moving forward. Partner Cheryl Burke says the only routines that will really affect his old injury are the Quickstep and the Jive. “I just have to listen to it. Ignoring the injury is what caused the injury in the first place.”
  • ABC always rolls out the celebs for the “DWTS” audience, but they’re
    particularly on top of their game during premieres. We spotted Julie Benz, Romany Malco, Jamie Lee Curtis, Melissa Joan Hart, Joey Lawrence and, of course, Niecy Nash.

The night in Bergeron

Our prince of humor and class had not one but two prime zingers, but, as always, you had to be paying close attention. First, when announcing Brad Womack as the “Bachelor” for a second time, Bergeron said the he was taking a mulligan. (Sorry we’re suckers for golf humor.). And then, when Florence Henderson threatened to lay one on Len Goodman, Bergs quietly quipped, “I didn’t think she
went for older men.” Oh Snap! Bet you didn’t expect any cross-generational Brady incest jokes before 8:30 p.m., did you America?

Now that some of our contestants have showcased their versatility — or
lack there of — have your “DWTS” allegiances shifted in week 2? Feel
free to share in the comments. This is a safe place.

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