bristolpalin getty 'Dancing With the Stars' is over; Bristol Palin certainly is notIt seems as though Bristol Palin haters are about to get a lot more fired up in the near future. The “Dancing with the Stars” um, underdog reportedly walked away from last season with over $345,000 from the show according to PopEater. Now that her dancing days are over (at least we all hope they’re over), she’s also earning a supposed $35,000 per speaking gig (really though… who is paying her to speak?).

Rumor has it this 20-year-old single mama has taken a cue from her own famous mama and from the looks of it, the Bristol brand isn’t slowing down any time soon. However much people may want it to. 
Palin family friends are dishing dirt about some major deals in the works for Bristol including a multi-million dollar offer to appear on another reality show, as well as a book deal and a clothing spokesperson opportunity. 
Since she’s technically not a teen anymore, is MTV’s “Teen Mom” out of the question for Bristol? We can’t imagine what “Bristol Palin’s Alaska,” might entail, but it sure sounds promising. Or how about “Bristol of Love,” where young suitors compete not only in romantic challenges to win Bristols heart, but also in baby-daddy and political media challenges? All while promising abstinence until marriage of course. Now that one, we could definitely get behind. 
What do you think? Does Bristol have a promising reality television career, or are her 15 minutes coming to a close? We’re not kidding about that “Bristol of Love” thing by the way. We’d totally be glued!
Posted by:Sophie Schillaci